For Host Families

Having an au pair is an amazing experience for everyone involved and is a perfect boost for the personal development of the au pair. We extensively discuss your wishes and demands because finding the perfect match is highly important for us. We believe that an au pair will provide peace, flexibility, and stability to your family.

Sunshine Au Pair prepares invitations specifically tailored to your family needs, and after which, we will then start our stringent au pair selection process. The candidate au pairs are thoroughly vetted. We will then provide the host family with profiles of our au pairs together with copies of their reference documents. Our au-pairs are independent, reliable, positive and all have experiences in looking after siblings and/or with baby-sitting.

Our services will be available to you during the entire period of your au pair’s stay.

At Sunshine Au Pair, we are determined to provide the best experience for both our host families and for our au pairs who are coming to the Netherlands for a cultural exchange.   Our focus is to maintain high quality and our aim is to create successful partnerships between au pairs and host families that last for the complete planned duration.  We want to ensure there are nothing but positive experiences and happy memories for both parties.

Therefore, in order to achieve that aim, we are careful in our selection process and we are thorough with the collection of the correct documentation from both parties.  We do not take risks when it comes to the wellbeing of children, the security of your home or the legalities of immigration.

We ask for your patience and for your cooperation in compiling your dossier of legal documentation that is required by the IND.  The dossier will include personal information and proof of income information that we must collect by law.  We submit the visa request only after all documents from both hosts and au pair have been collected and validated.  We take good care, so you can have the best care!

Quality service


Clarifying the expectations of the host family and the au pair


Assessing the suitability of the au pair and host
family’s situation


Supporting the host family and au pair during his/her


Offering opportunities to au pairs to broaden their cultural experience

We would like be a Host


We are looking for an au pair to join our family

It will be our pleasure to help you find the ‘right’ Au Pair. However, we would like to know your expectations from the Au Pair first so we would like to request you to send us an e-mail at or call us at +31 (0) 618981806 or confirm a Skype talk on a date that suits you or to confirm an intake at your house.

Based on your requirements, wishes, and needs, we will send you possible candidates that we think will suit your needs. We will then schedule Skype conversations for you and the candidates you have chosen. If you have found your ideal Au Pair, then there is a match!

We found an Au Pair on our own

With the self-match service, we will need to have a Skype talk with your chosen Au Pair candidate before confirming to work with your family. We need to make sure that the candidate knows the Dutch Au Pair program and the rules of being an Au Pair in the Netherlands. We will also introduce the Sunshine Au Pair agency to your chosen Au Pair, explain the Au Pair program in detail to her, and after which, we will request the necessary documents for the registration and application of the visa and/or the residence permit.

How long does the procedure take?

We work efficiently. After completing the registration of the Au Pair and the Host Family, we will request (if applicable) the application for the visa and/or residence permit from the Dutch IND office. It takes 10 working days to get an answer. We will follow-up on the approval of the request and guide the Au Pair in getting the visa at the Dutch embassy abroad. We will assist you in obtaining the ticket and the required insurance. It can be done within 1 month in total or longer if there are unavoidable circumstances.

What more does Sunshine Au Pair do?

Guiding and staying in touch with the Host Families and Au Pairs during the whole duration of their stay, supervising the whole exchange year, monitoring the relationship between the Host Family and the Au Pair, organizing at least 6 events for Au Pairs yearly, and providing 24/7 service to the Host Family and the Au Pair.

It is our first time to host an Au Pair.

We do always to ask the Host Families the following:

  1. Do you have experience in living with others?
  2. If not, are you ready with welcoming/opening your house to an Au Pair for a year?

The Au Pair program will benefit the family and the Au Pair. Your family will be introduced to a palette of cultures, languages, and new experiences. Having an Au Pair makes balancing family, life, and a career much easier. The Au Pair will travel to a whole new world, make new friends, learn new languages, experience different cultures, develop themselves, etc. It will be a win-win situation for both parties.

Does the au pair need to have health care insurance in the Netherlands?

Just like everyone in the Netherlands, the Au Pair is required to have health care insurance.