For Au Pairs

We welcome Au Pair applicants who meet the following qualifications


Single with no child, not married before and not in an official partnership


Is aged between 18 and 25 years old, and can speak English fluently


Is independent, mature, creative, patient, and is very passionate about working with children


Can cook at least a simple meal


Do not mind doing light household chores


Is a college graduate or equivalent


Have childcare experience proven through references


Please note that the applicants are not allowed to pay more than 34 Euros for registration, screening & training

Seven interesting facts about The Netherlands

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Why the Netherlands?

As an Au Pair, you will take part in the daily life of a Dutch family. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and to see a different part of the world. The Netherlands is known for its elaborate canal system and the country’s elevation is below sea level. It is a very tolerant and liberal country and most importantly, it is a great place to live on.

With the family or in your own free time, you may visit the many beautiful parks, Dutch towns, historical sites, festivals, and famous museums. You will have the perfect chance to improve your cycling skills as most people get around by bicycle.

As an Au Pair, you will not just be a tourist or a spectator; instead, you will experience The Netherlands like you never thought was possible. While it is a small country, it is full of life and a worthwhile place to spend a year on!

What exactly does an Au Pair do?

As an Au Pair, you will live as a member of your host family. Your will be looking after the children and help with simple household duties. In return, you will receive pocket money, free room and board. Au Pairs work no more than 30 hours per week, no more than 8 hours per day and have two days off in a week. Your duties and working hours will vary depending on the age of the children and the needs of the family.

What will you receive as an Au Pair?

Room/Board: In the family’s home, you are entitled to a private bedroom free of charge.

Pocket money: The pocket money amounts to a minimum of €320 and a maximum of €340 per month.

Language course: You have the opportunity to take Dutch classes in your spare time, or other courses that you find suitable. The Host Family can  shoulder the costs of only up to €350.

Insurance: Dutch Basic Healthcare Insurance is required for all residents of the Netherlands. This is applicable to you as an Au Pair. Your Host Family will help you arrange it upon your arrival. Some Host Families may choose to arrange an Au Pair insurance policy with a Dutch Basic Healthcare Insurance.   

Travel Expenses: Depending on the agreement between you and the Host Family, the travel costs will either be shared by both parties or be paid in full by either the Host Family or yourself.

You cannot come to the Netherlands without an official IND sponsored agency (Erkend Referent IND) like Sunshine Au Pair. Au Pairs with European nationalities do not need an Au Pair visa or residence permit. However, they would still need an authorized agency like Sunshine Au Pair to legally join the Au Pair Program in the Netherlands. The Au Pair program in the Netherlands is set under strict legal conditions. These are set up to protect you as an Au Pair in the Netherlands.

 I would like to be an Au Pair


What is the initial step of my application as an Au Pair?

Please fill out our online Au Pair Registration Form. You need to answer all necessary questions. We will contact you within 3 working days if you are selected for an interview. Our representative will ask you for additional information such as: your latest CV, an introduction letter to your future host family, to fill in a detailed Sunshine AP Application Form and photos of you. When you submit your documents to us, kindly make sure that they are all neat, clear, organized and in PDF form.

What is the next step after I have submitted my CV and Introduction Letter?

After you have submitted your CV and Introduction Letter, your application is now for second screening based on how neatly and clearly you answered your Sunshine Au Pair Application Form. We will also assess if you meet the criteria in becoming an Au Pair. Please make sure to answer all the questions thoroughly and honestly. A representative from Sunshine Au Pair will send you an email for an online interview.

After the interview, a representative from Sunshine Au Pair will send you an e-mail regarding the result. In some cases, we will conduct another set of interviews.

Once you have received an email informing you that you have passed the screening, that is the only time that we will forward your profile to a prospective host family.

When will I have an appointment to talk with potential host family?

We will schedule an interview for you and the host family once it is confirmed by both parties if they are interested in working with each other. We will send you and the host family an email as a confirmation about the appointment.

Be on time for the appointment. Please be well prepared to talk with your potential host family. Read the potential Host Family information carefully. Ask questions that can help you decide if you can work with this Host Family for one year. Be honest, open-minded and be clear. Have the conversation in a quiet environment, lighted area, and make sure your mic and speaker/headset works.

How long does it take to be matched to a host family?

Some applicants take about 1-4 months to find a match. During this period, we expect you to update us regarding your application. We would like to know if you have any change of plans regarding your application. If you changed your mind about being an Au Pair, kindly inform us as soon as possible.

What are the requirements that I need to provide after a successful match with a host family?

We will email you the list of requirements that you need once you found your match.

Is anyone going to assist me with my visa processing and other queries during the preparation of my documents?

Yes, our team will assist in your document preparation, embassy appointment, and visa collection process. If you are from the Philippines, we will assist you with your CFO training. You can always approach our team about your concerns and we will provide you with instructions and details to the best of our knowledge.

What will happen after I have arrived in the Netherlands?

Our Follow-up Coordinator will touch base with you regularly to ensure that you are supported, integrated and enjoy your stay. Do expect a monthly email from our representatives in the Netherlands for updates, events and webinars from the agency. The physical events that we hold every two months is a way for you to meet other au pairs from Sunshine Au Pair. Many au pairs find their new friends through activities like this. We also expect you to inform us of any relevant changes during your stay in the Netherlands.