Country Representatives

Mary Grace Empleo

Philippines Sunshine Representative

Grace is a nurse by profession and has ten years of experience in account management and human resource. She is currently taking her Master’s study in Psychology. Grace joined the cultural exchange program in the Netherlands to travel and discover a different culture. She is a people person and loves to hear real-life stories and experiences. She loves to travel, go camping, and mountain climbing. She screens the candidates in the Philippines and supports them with the Visa and CFO processes.

You may contact Grace via e-mail:

Bruna Padilha de Oliveira

Brazil Sunshine Representative

Bruna is currently a radiant Ph.D. student in Sociology in Brazil. In the last four years, she has been studying the trajectories of Brazilian Au Pairs in the Netherlands and is reflecting on gender, care, and work-life balance. One of her motivations was her own experience as an Au Pair in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2009. During this period, she learned a bit about the Dutch way of life, as well as traveling and meeting other people from different parts of the world. She has always been passionate about listening to life stories and in sharing different cultures. She has been working in personal development for youth and adults since 2011 when she started her teaching career in public high schools. She loves expressing herself with tribal fusion dance and spending cozy and intimate moments with friends.

You may contact Bruna via e-mail:

Ai Chaiwongthip

Thailand Sunshine Representative

Ai explored almost every corner of her own country, Thailand. She graduated from a university in Bangkok holding a bachelor’s degree in Communication Advertisement with flying honors and had her Master’s degree in Marketing. She has six years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing. She participated in the Au Pair program in the US and Europe and also worked as a teacher in Thailand for five years in an international school. She loves to travel around the world and has visited 15 countries while she had been an Au Pair. She is one of the most reliable people to have as a travel buddy to explore beaches and mountains. She is artistic and has made her life colorful and lively.

You may contact Ai via e-mail:

Juliana Mejía Narváez

Spanish-speaking Representative

Juliana is a dietitian nutritionist by profession. She has more than five years of experience in child nutrition, public health and health education. Her passion is to see a person develops and be well. She sees personal development and wellbeing of a person pivotal for a society to progress, and that is her motivation to be involved in healthcare. Juliana was an Au Pair in the Netherlands in 2022. Thanks to this experience, she recognized that au pair cultural exchange program can play an important role in helping a person develops. It is a once in a life time opportunity to gain new or even different perspectives about the world around them. Therefore, she wants to be part of this work to create communities of au pairs, and to support them to learn and grow. This was her personal experience and she would like to have other au pairs to experience that as well. On top of that, she loves to travel and learn about the cultures of the world; she is passionate about human rights and is an animal lover.

You may contact Juliana via e-mail: