Our Costs

Self-Matched Application – all in one price (the IND fee of € 345 is included)

For your own Au Pair candidate (self-matched)

EU Au Pair€858
Au Pair needs a residence permit*€1898
Au Pair needs a visa (MVV) and a residence permit€1998

* For nationalities need residence permit:
UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Monaco, Vatican City, United States of America, or South Korea.

Full-Service Application – all in one price (the IND fee of € 345 is included)

The Host Family decides to work with an Au Pair candidate from the Sunshine Au Pair agency database. The Au Pairs in our database go through a rigorous screening process. Our office will provide you with a complete profile of the candidates, interview feedbacks and will plan all interview appointments for your family. We would then do a final interview with the Au Pair to confirm the match.

EU Au Pair€1500
Au Pair needs a residence permit*€2598
Au Pair needs a visa and a residence permit€2598

Rematch Application

Rematch Applications are done in instances wherein the Au Pair will switch to another Host Family during the exchange year.

Registration costs for Host Families who are currently not registered with our agency€121 one time
Placement cost for EU Au Pair (per month)€60.5
Placement cost for International Au Pair (per month)€121
Included in our fee:

VAT is included.


Visa and residence permit cost (fee to the Dutch IND office: €345) are included.


Interview of selected Au Pair candidates (interview feedback will be provided after)


All events conducted by Sunshine Au Pair


Culture First Language Package (The value is €100)


Follow-up on the whole Au Pair year

For more explanation on the services, please download the attachment

Sunshine Au Pair will not be requiring any fee from the Au Pair. It is important for us that the Host Family and the Au Pair have a successful cultural exchange year. We focus on taking care of them, helping them with any administration work, and more importantly, to make the experience good for both parties.

Other costs which can be expected when participating in the Au Pair program as a Host Family:

Board and lodging


Au Pair monthly pocket money (€300 to €340 per month)


Mobile sim card


Flight ticket cost (return tickets for Filipino Au Pairs need to be paid for by the Host Family)


Health and liability insurance for the Au Pair

  • JoHo ISIS Au pair insurance standard policy – € 450 per year
  • JoHo ISIS Au pair insurance super policy – € 550 per year

Language course fees (maximum of €350 a year; this is not mandatory but highly recommended)


Museumkaart year-long membership card (€59,90; this is not mandatory but highly recommended)

For more information, please contact Sunshine Au Pair directly.