Our Costs

Agency Fee

For your own Au Pair candidate (self-matched)

Au pair with European Citizenship € 695
Au Pair requiring VVR visa, residence permit application € 1560
Au Pair requiring MVV visa, residence permit application € 1660

For Au Pair candidates from Sunshine Au Pair agency

Matching Fee € 600

Fee to IND

Visa and Residence permit € 290

Free (for all Sunshine Au pairs)

  • Au Pair Interview with interview feedback
  • All Sunshine Au Pair Events (at least 6 events per year, 3 events for free for all our au pairs, 3 events with a small registration fee)
  • Every 2 months online “Welcome meeting” with all new au pairs, introduce Dutch culture, connect au pairs, share experience…etc.
  • Monthly online Au Pairs Culture Conversations
  • Mediate situations between the Host family and the Au Pair

For details, please check our Events page.

Please kindly note,

* No visa Fee will be charged for au pairs with European citizenship.

* In the costs stated above, the VAT is included. the IND cost (Visa and Residence permit) is exempted from VAT.

* For Filipino au pairs, we pay for the shipping cost associated with sending the legalized contract to the au pair.

Cost overview

For your own Au Pair candidate (self-matched)

Agency Fee + Fee to IND

Candidate from Sunshine Au Pair agency

Agency Fee + Matching Fee + Fee to IND

Our services include the following

Our services include the following:

* Introducing the au pair program and sharing au pair experiences.

* Arranging/Hosting a Skype talk with the family and the au pair, and an intake meeting at the host family’s house.

* Organizing at least 6 events per year for the au pairs with a registration fees of up to €10 per event.

* Submitting (if applicable) the application for the visa and/or residence permit to the IND. Following approval of the request, assisting with arranging the required insurances.

* Guiding and staying in touch with host families and au pairs during the whole duration of their stay.

* Supervising the exchange year, monitoring the relationship between the host family and the au pair.

*Providing Culture and Career Coaching to Au Pairs.

* Providing 24/7 service to the host family and the au pair.

For Filipino au pairs, we offer extra services

  • Interviewing the au pair candidate (at least twice)
  • Checking their background and contacting references from their CV.
  • Preparing the legalized contract for signing at the Philippines embassy in The Hague.
  • Guiding the au pair in getting a visa and participating in the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) seminar procedure.

Other costs which can be expected when participating in the au pair program as a host family

* Board and lodging

* Au pair monthly pocket money (€300 to €340 per month)

* Public transportation card and Mobile Sim Card

* Flight ticket cost, to be discussed with the au pair

* Purchase of au pair insurance (approximately €540 a year, mandatory)

* Language course fees (maximum €350 a year, not mandatory, but highly recommended)

* Museumkaart year-long membership card (€59,90, not mandatory, but highly recommended)

For more information, please contact Sunshine Au Pair directly.

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