Our agency holds 5 to 6 activities each year to give the Au Pairs a unique Dutch cultural exchange experience. All our events are free for our Au Pairs.

We are slowly starting to conduct events for our Au Pairs, all the while observing the proper protocols to be followed due to the pandemic. We are also here to provide (emotional and mental) support and guidance to our Au Pairs and Host Families during these uncertain times.

To help the Au Pairs connect with their fellow Au Pairs, we have a Sunshine Au Pair WhatsApp group to connect them with all our other Au Pairs. We will also help them join the Amsterdam Au Pair WhatsApp group and Den Haag Au Pair WhatsApp group, etc., where they may connect with all the other Au Pairs in the Netherlands.

Besides connecting our Au Pairs with their fellow ones, you may see the activities that we have for our Au Pairs for 2021 below.

For Au Pairs that will or have arrived after September 2021:

Amsterdam Lookout – 9th of October 2021

Amsterdam Lookout or the so-called “Europe’s Highest Swing”, is an observation deck with where you may see a wonderful panoramic view of Amsterdam. It is located on the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam North. When you join this event, you may either opt to be a risk-taker and do the swing that Amsterdam Lookout is known for, or you may also just avail the food and drinks available in the event. Come join us go “over the edge” on the 9th of October!

Year Gathering 2021 – End of November

We will be having an event to gather our Au Pairs and celebrate the year 2021 before it ends. We will be having a dinner and the Au Pairs will be receiving Christmas gifts from Sunshine Au Pair! The event will be held in Scheveningen and we hope all our Au Pairs could come celebrate with us!

“First Dutch experience course” Dutch Language course

These Au Pairs will receive a “Welkom in Nederland” Dutch Language course. The value of this package is 100 Euros. The course will be conducted by professional teachers from Culture Online. For more details, you may visit the Culture Online Website

Online Culture and Welcome Session – Once every two months

We have a virtual Cultural and Welcome session for all our Au Pairs where they may learn about the Dutch Culture and the Au Pair life. This session allows them to share the exciting and challenging things they go through in the exchange year, and at the same time, they will get to connect with their fellow Au Pairs.

Transformation Coaching Sessions – 1 to 1 Private Coaching (upon Au Pair’s request)

Each Au Pair will receive a personal growth session from Veena, a professional personal and business transformation coach, and the founder of Forerunners Consulting and Coaching. These sessions will help the Au Pair to grow and develop themselves, and can also help the Au Pair explore ideas for their future career or study paths. These sessions can also help the Au Pair through the transition, changes and various experiences the Au Pair will be going through in the year.

To know more about Veena’s work, please visit her website


We are currently working on our events for 2022, so do watch out for our announcements as we have more events to come!

We can’t wait to see everyone in person soon!