All Sunshine events are free for our Au Pairs. Sunshine Au Pair holds several activities each year to give the Au Pairs a unique Dutch cultural exchange experience. These events can help them connect with their fellow Au Pairs, especially the newcomers in the country. Besides connecting the Au Pairs with each other, these events and programs can also help improve their other skills and let them discover more about themselves.

To help the Au Pairs gain more connections, we have a Sunshine Au Pair WhatsApp group to connect them with all the Au Pairs within the agency. We will also help them join the Amsterdam Au Pair WhatsApp group and the Den Haag Au Pair WhatsApp group, etc., where they may connect with all the other Au Pairs in the Netherlands.

Experiential approach (Au Pair Training) 

This training is an online introduction to our Au Pairs who have found their families and are waiting for departure. We introduce our Au Pairs to Dutch family dynamics, parenting values, and culture. We point out practical elements of living in the Netherlands and help kick-start their self-discovery journey to get the most out of their au pair year.

Welcome and Culture Coaching Event

This is an interactive introductory session to Dutch culture, values, and principles of society and family. Here, future Au Pairs will learn about personal skills useful in multicultural environments, such as the Au Pair program, which will enable them to navigate positively through each stage of their year in The Netherlands.

Welcome Event with First-Aid Knowledge Presentation

Our Au Pairs will be provided with a First-Aid Knowledge presentation to help them with the basic information during their Au Pair Year. The first-aid presentation will be done by certified First Aid Instructors. Topics in the presentation include head injuries, poisoning, minor cuts and bruises, nosebleeds, burns, choking, and many more! Snacks or meals will also be provided during/after the event!

This is Holland – 5D Flight Experience

THIS IS HOLLAND is a unique 5D experience that lets you experience the Netherlands with its windmills, wetlands, and flower fields, and learn about its history while suspended under a huge domed screen. With its special effects and the breathtakingly beautiful filming of different UNESCO Dutch World Heritage Sites, the THIS IS HOLLAND flight experience will make you feel like you’re really flying over the Dutch landscape for nine minutes. (Credits: 

Snacks or meals will also be provided during/after the event! 

Volendam Day Trip

On the Volendam Day Trip, the Au Pairs will tour the village and have the chance to try on a traditional Dutch costume. The new and old Au Pairs will also get a chance to meet their fellow Au Pairs and get to know them more! Snacks or meals will also be provided during/after the event! 

Beach Games with Beleving aan Zee

It will be beach day in Scheveningen! Not only that, the Au Pairs will be playing interactive and fun games during the event. It will be an action-packed day at the beach! There will also be a lunch buffet after the event for the Au Pairs to get their energy back up and explore new connections! 

Amsterdam City Walk 

The Au Pairs will experience Amsterdam at its best through the city walk. The different walk routes will take the Au Pairs to the famous sights and sceneries in Amsterdam. It will also be a great chance for the Au Pairs to walk around Amsterdam, eat together and enjoy the summer weather together! 

Group Activity in Scheveningen 

We would like our Au Pairs to join us at a fun group activity where they can have fun, meet their fellow Au Pairs, and gain more connections! The event will also include an early dinner celebration to celebrate Sinterklaas and interact with their fellow Au Pairs.