All Sunshine events are free for our Au Pairs. Sunshine Au Pair holds several activities each year to give the Au Pairs a unique Dutch cultural exchange experience. These events can help them connect with their fellow Au Pairs, especially the newcomers in the country. Besides connecting the Au Pairs with each other, these events and programs can also help improve their other skills, and let them discover more about themselves.

To help the Au Pairs gain more connections, we have a Sunshine Au Pair WhatsApp group to connect them with all the Au Pairs within the agency. We will also help them join the Amsterdam Au Pair WhatsApp group and Den Haag Au Pair WhatsApp group, etc., where they may connect with all the other Au Pairs in the Netherlands.

Culture First Online Course

The ‘Culture First’ course is where the Au Pairs will get to learn firsthand about the Dutch culture, foods, habits and traditions, and this can help them overcome culture shock when they first arrive in the country. They can also make new friends that can help them widen their connections during their Au Pair year.

For more details, you may visit the Culture Online Website.

Samen – Welcome and Culture Coaching Session

Samen is an interactive session for Au Pairs wherein Veena introduces the Dutch culture and society, the basics of the Au Pair program and more importantly, the tips and information that can help you navigate your Au Pair year. The Au Pair will also get to play a fun Kahoot game and win prizes!

Welcome Event with First-Aid Knowledge Presentation

Henriëtte Lukowski has 16 years of experience as an emergency nurse. Henriëtte will teach the Au Pairs first-hand knowledge on the basics of first aid. The topics for the presentation include:
Reasons to phone 112, choking/suffocating, burn wounds, other wounds/injuries, sprained ankle/wrist, splinters, bleeding nose, something in nose/ear/eye, insect bites, tick bites, fractures, broken or loose tooth, poisoning, epileptic seizure, concussion and batteries.

To know more about Henriëtte’s work, please visit their website.

Tie-Dye Workshop

The tie-dye workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore and acquire creative skills in tie-dye making while being encouraged to engage in friendly conversations that are centered on self-care & personal development themes.

For more details, you may visit the Culture Online Website.

Volendam Day Trip

In the Volendam Day Trip, the Au Pairs will have a tour around the village and have the chance to try on a traditional Dutch costume.

Beach Games with Beleving aan Zee

It will be beach day in Scheveningen! Not only that, the Au Pairs will be playing interactive and fun games during the event. It will be an action-packed day at the beach!

Amsterdam Lookout

Are you ready to fly 100 meters above the ground? Aside from meeting their fellow Au Pairs, this is a great chance for the Au Pairs to experience the “Europe’s Highest Swing” with us!

Bowling in Scheveningen

We would like our Au Pairs to join us at a fun bowling event where they can test their bowling skills, have fun, meet their fellow Au Pairs and gain more connections!