Our agency holds 5 to 6 activities each year to give the Au Pairs a unique Dutch cultural exchange experience. All our events are free for our Au Pairs.

We are slowly starting to conduct events for our Au Pairs, all the while observing the proper protocols to be followed due to the pandemic. We are also here to provide (emotional and mental) support and guidance to our Au Pairs and Host Families during these uncertain times.

To help the Au Pairs gain more connections, we have a Sunshine Au Pair WhatsApp group to connect them with all the Au Pairs within the agency. We will also help them join the Amsterdam Au Pair WhatsApp group and Den Haag Au Pair WhatsApp group, etc., where they may connect with all the other Au Pairs in the Netherlands

Besides connecting our Au Pairs with their fellow ones, you may see the programs that we have for our Au Pairs throughout the Au Pairing year, and Sunshine Au Pair events in 2022.

Sunshine Au Pair Welcome Bag

All Sunshine Au Pairs will receive the Sunshine Au Pair welcome bag, the Sunshine Au Pair brochure and a surprise gift from Sunshine; the Au Pairs will receive it when they get to visit our office.

We would definitely love to meet all our Au Pairs

Online Culture and Welcome Session – Once every two months

We have a virtual Cultural and Welcome session for all our Au Pairs where they may learn about the Dutch Culture and the Au Pair life. This session allows them to share the exciting and challenging things they go through in the exchange year, and at the same time, they will get to connect with their fellow Au Pairs.

In-person Dutch language courses

Learning the language can be a way for the Au Pairs to be able to adjust much more easily to the country. It can help them be more confident and feel at ease when meeting new people. It is for those reasons that Sunshine Au Pair decided to offer Dutch courses to all our Au Pairs with the help of Culture Online. The course consists of 3 lessons with a duration of 90 minutes. These courses are in-person classes at our Den Haag office, and you can make sure that we will be following all COVID-19 policies during these in-person classes. This is free for all our Au Pairs in Sunshine.

For more details, you may visit the Culture Online Website

‘Culture First’ course

The ‘Culture First’ course is where the Au Pairs will get to learn firsthand about the Dutch culture, foods, habits and traditions, and this can help them overcome culture shock when they first arrive in the country. They can also make new friends that can help them widen their connections during their Au Pair year. The course consists of 5 lessons with a duration of 90 minutes. The course will be held via Zoom and there is a maximum of 8 students per learning group. This is free for all our Au Pairs in Sunshine.

For more details, you may visit the Culture Online Website

Transformation Coaching Sessions – 1 to 1 Private Coaching (upon Au Pair’s request)

Each Au Pair will receive a personal growth session from Veena, a professional personal and business transformation coach, and the founder of Forerunners Consulting and Coaching. These sessions will help the Au Pair to grow and develop themselves, and can also help the Au Pair explore ideas for their future career or study paths. These sessions can also help the Au Pair through the transition, changes and various experiences the Au Pair will be going through in the year.

To know more about Veena’s work, please visit her website


Sunshine Au Pair Events in 2022

De Uithof – Ice Skating in Den Haag (Early February)

De Uithof is a historic skating rink that has been around for almost 50 years. It has a 400-meter long indoor ice-skating track and a funrink. It is a must-visit in Den Haag, which is why early February 2022, we will be having an evening on ice! Ice-skating is a very popular winter activity in the Netherlands that the Au Pairs should most definitely try!

Volendam Trip (Middle of April)

Volendam is a must-visit for all tourists in the Netherlands, most especially for our lovely Au Pairs. In Volendam, the Au Pairs will get to learn more about the Dutch culture and another plus is, they will get to wear traditional Dutch costumes and take photos with it. It will definitely be a great souvenir for your Netherlands trip! After trying on the Dutch costumes, all the participants will have snacks and drinks and it will also be an opportunity for the Au Pairs to get to know each other even more.

Team-building activity with Beleving aan Zee (June/July)

Team-building activities are a great way to establish connections, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and to collaborate despite the differences. Beleving aan Zee did a great work helping us out on our event in 2021, and we are delighted to be working with them again! This event will be held in Scheveningen, and on this event, the participants will get to play games with the whole Sunshine Au Pair family, and get lunch together after to catch up with each other.

Amsterdam Lookout (September)

Amsterdam Lookout is one of the famous sights to visit in Amsterdam. It has an observation deck wherein you may see a panoramic view of Amsterdam. The best feature of this place is the highest swing in Europe that will surely take you “over the edge”! The participants will also have snack and drinks at the event, and most importantly, to have a chance to catch up with their fellow Au Pairs.

Escape Room – Unlock Scheveningen (December)

Escape rooms are one of the most famous team games or attractions that people go to nowadays. The objective of the escape room is to literally escape from it as quickly as possible using cooperation and logical-thinking in solving puzzles within the room. This can give the Au Pairs a chance to collaborate with each other and discover their personal strengths and weaknesses. After the escape room event, the participants will have food and drinks together, catch up with each other or even meet new friends!