About Us

Sunshine Au Pair was founded in 2012 and is a recognized Au Pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office. With the effort of our team members, we grew from having a small group of Au Pairs to now more than 100 Au Pairs in the Netherlands. We work from the heart and provide our best support to the host family and the Au Pair. We provide detailed interviews with the Au Pairs, give professional interview feedback, do rigorous reference checks, do quick follow-ups on the documentation and visa arrangement for your Au Pair. Besides those, we also provide quality events for the Au Pairs, and have online and in-person classes that can surely help them gain knowledge and connections during their Au Pair year.

Sunshine Au Pair offers service throughout the whole of Netherlands. Most of our host families are located in The Hague (Den Haag), Amsterdam Utrecht, and Hilversum. But we also have host families who are located in small villages. We focus mainly on placing Au Pairs from Asia, but we also place Au Pairs from all over the world. The main goal of the Au Pair program is for cultural exchange. Au Pairs are offered an opportunity to learn more about different cultures and languages. It is an amazing experience for everyone involved and a perfect boost for personal development.

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Lucy and her partner, Rens, started Sunshine Au Pair in the beginning of 2012. After she finished her degree in Business English, she built considerable experience in the hospitality industry in China; from being a front desk receptionist to an office secretary. After 5 years of working, she took a gap year to experience life abroad. After more than 10 years in the Dutch Au Pair business field, she brought up this small one-person business to now a team of 8 people. She built her life here and gives her maximum support to all Au Pairs and Host Families. Lucy has 2 girls who are 7 and 9 years old, together with Rens, they live in Maarn. She is glad to have had a chance to work with all of you. She is the backbone of Sunshine Au Pair, and is well connected with the IND Au Pair team.

Veena has over 8 years of experience in various roles in banking, education, small businesses and organizations on the non-profit sector. She has a Masters in Business Administration and a certification in Coaching Mastery approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation). She follows up on the Au Pairs and provides them emotional and practical support during their time in the Netherlands. She also supports Host Families in the matching process and in any mediation that is needed. She came to the Netherlands as an expat and loves the International vibe of the country. She loves to make handmade soaps and lotions. She lives with her husband and daughter in the Hague.

Maia works as the Back Office Manager for Sunshine Au Pair. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, she went to the Netherlands to be an Au Pair. She was able to develop herself through the cultural exchange and learned to be independent during her travels all over Europe. She has completed training in Business English Speaking and Grammar, Business Process Improvement Concepts, and various training on Health and Mental Wellness. As a Coordinator for Sunshine Au Pair, she is in charge of all the administration work in Sunshine, consolidating documents from Au Pairs and host families, and answering any queries that any applicant may have.

Elske was born and raised in the Netherlands. For the last 5 years, she travelled throughout Asia, worked as a teacher in Ho Chi Minh city, and cycled from Vietnam to India. Now she lives in a small and beautiful jungle village in India. She loves cycling, cats, playing guitar, drinking tea, writing stories, and teaching language!

Elske is in-charge of interviewing our EU candidates, confirming the match between our Host Family and European Au Pairs, and follow-up on the stay of our European Au Pairs.

Bruna is currently a radiant Ph.D. student in Sociology in Brazil. In the last four years, she has been studying the trajectories of Brazilian Au Pairs in the Netherlands and is reflecting on gender, care, and work-life balance. One of her motivations was her own experience as an Au Pair in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2009. During this period, she learned a bit about the Dutch way of life, as well as traveling and meeting other people from different parts of the world. She has always been passionate about listening to life stories and in sharing different cultures. She has been working in personal development for youth and adults since 2011 when she started her teaching career in public high schools. She loves expressing herself with tribal fusion dance and spending cozy and intimate moments with friends.

Grace is our Location Manager in the Philippines. She has ten years of experience in sales, marketing, and human resource management. She is the contact person of our Au Pair applicants. She screens the candidates and supports them with the document collection. She joined the cultural exchange program as an Au Pair in Europe to travel and discover more about herself. She likes to listen to people’s stories and experiences. She loves to travel, do mountain climbing and beach hopping.

Mona has 5 years of experience as an Au Pair in Europe (Denmark, Norway and Netherlands) which provided her with relevant knowledge and firsthand experience of the European Au Pair program. She works as Sunshine Au Pair’s back-office assistant that plans Sunshine’s first video talk, follows-up on the reference checks, assists on administration work, and manages Sunshine’s social media platforms. With Mona’s innate positive and cheerful personality, she embodies the company’s goal of what a successful Au Pair experience should be, and with her help, she can deliver Sunshine’s support to the Au Pairs and host families. She loves to sing, dance and travel. She is looking forward to meeting all the new Au Pair applicants who would like to join the Au Pair program, and to share her experiences and knowledge with them.

Sally came to the Netherlands when her husband received a job transfer fifteen years ago. She has more than ten years of experience working with customers in various sectors including IT, logistics and warehouse, corporate gifts and B2C e-commerce. She has also ventured into network marketing, mentored a team of business owners, and taught a variety of personal developments and leadership topics. She now supervises the company’s operations and facilitates interactions between EU au pairs and families. During her free time, she loves reading, spending time with her family and baking. Her favourite Dutch snack is stroopwafel and she will not miss her annual oliebollen treat! She lives in The Hague with her husband, their three children and their dog.

Sunshine Au Pair is a recognized au-pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office.