About Us

Sunshine Au Pair offers service throughout the whole of The Netherlands. Most of our host families are located in The Hague (Den Haag), Amsterdam and Utrecht. We focus mainly on placing au pairs from Asia, but we do place au pairs from all over the world. Please visit our Costs web page for more information on our services and fees.

Sunshine Au Pair is a recognized au-pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office. The main goal of the au pair program is cultural exchange. Besides supporting the family or caring for the elderly, an au pair offers the opportunity to get in touch with new cultures and languages. It is an amazing experience for everyone involved and a perfect boost for personal development. For more information, please feel free to Contact Us directly.

Sunshine Au Pair is a recognized au-pair agency of the Dutch Immigration Office.

Lucy Lu founded Sunshine Au Pair at the beginning of 2012. With her Dutch partner Rens Hartkamp, Lucy knows from their experience all the nuances of inviting an au pair. They have developed profound insights into the cultural differences and expectations of host families and au pairs. Lucy had a previous position as an au pair in The Netherlands. She works full time for the agency and has two daughters.

Veena Joseph has joined our team as our HR and Marketing Consultant. She has diverse experience in the service sector for 6 plus years (Banking, Education & NPO) in the Netherlands. Her role enables us have productive, happy and developed Au pairs and satisfied host families. She has her Master’s in Business Administration and Diploma in Counseling and Coaching. We are stoked to have her onboard and we are confident to attain greater heights for Sunshine.

Maia works as a Coordinator for Sunshine Au Pair. Her role is to facilitate the procedure for getting a visa at the Dutch embassy abroad, and staying in contact with the au pairs during their stay, answering their queries and guiding them while they are in the Netherlands. Maia was an au pair under Sunshine Au Pair in 2017 and is now based in the Philippines.

Nibin is the Event Manager for Sunshine Au Pair. His role is to organize the events and communicate with au pairs. Nibin has been organizing au pair events for more than 6 years. He is based in Amsterdam and works as a freelancer for IT projects. His educational background is in Information Technology and Business Management.