To Host Families

We take great care to match the requirements and preferences of both the host family and the au-pair and we are readily available to provide assistance during the period of the placement.

To find the right au pair, we use private advertising specifically tailored to your family needs, after which we start our stringent au pair selection process. The candidate au pairs are thoroughly vetted. We provide host families with CVs of au-pairs and summaries of the assessments, together with copies of relevant documents. Our au-pairs are reliable and positive and all have experience looking after siblings and/or with baby-sitting.

Our service will be available to you during the entire period of your au pair’s stay: you can call us 24/7.

Sunshine Au Pair provides high-quality service. Quality means to us a successful au-pair placement that meets the expectations of both host family and the au-pair.

Quality service

✔  Clarifying the expectations of the host family and the au pair

✔  Assessing the suitability of the au pair and host family’s situation

✔  Supporting the host family and au pair during his/her stay

✔  Offering opportunities to au pairs to broaden their cultural experience